Monday, May 10, 2010

My First Panoramic of Van Gogh's Park at Asnieres - #27

Here's my attempt to do a panoramic painting.  For the subject, I turned to my favorite artist once again, Van Gogh's work titled - The Park at Asnieres.

I love painting trees. And there are plenty of them in this one. The original has six figures in it. I was only able to get five in my version. A couple by the park bench, two walking, and a lady sitting on the slope. "Sorry lady - I left you by yourself.  I couldn't quite get your sailor looking friend in there."  This is what I love about Van Gogh. The little characters that probably took him all but seconds to paint are difficult to mimic. I have so much to learn!

Lessons Learned and Hindsight - It is difficult and expensive to get a frame for panoramic canvas. Panoramic starts at 48" X 24" or any dimension where the length is twice as long as the height proportionately. From my research I learned that I cannot get ready-made frames because of the odd size - has to be custom made. E-framers are less expensive and I can get custom size online but there is an extra charge for shipping larger frames. I decided to bring it to a local framer. But the painting wasn't perfectly straight and it required taking the canvas off and having it restretched. I didn't want to take a chance of affecting the image and left it unframed for now. Next time I will check the canvas before I start painting to make sure everything is squared.