Thursday, July 8, 2010

Challenge Myself - "Jackie #2"

Painting is supposed to be fun.  But somehow I wanted to test my artistic abilities. If I want to think of myself as an artist, I needed the proof - at least to myself.  If I pass the test, I can go back to thinking that I just paint for fun.  I challenged myself to paint another portrait of Jackie Kennedy.

I started this in the beginning of 2010.  But I wasn't able to finish it.  Somehow I lost my inspiration.   Half way done, I put the canvas aside and worked on other projects.   Jackie had her hair, some of her eyes, her pearls, and neck.  The background was painted also.  But that was it.  She had no nose and no mouth.  Fast forward - driving home from work today, I thought of the unfinished painting.  A surge of energy came upon me.  I set up my easel and got to work.  I was a bit nervous.  The kind of nervous you get when you take an exam in school - without having studied the night before!

Well, I finished my test!  Here's my report card.  "Good job" for returning to finish and learned some lessons and techniques during the process.  My husband gave me a high score - he said he was happy to see Jackie now has her nose and mouth.  As far as thinking of myself as an artist - nah, it is more important that I don't think of myself as a quitter.
(Jackie wore this peach dress and her Channel pearls when she visited India in 1962.)