Thursday, April 1, 2010

Jackie's Van Gogh - #9

     I painted this painting for my long time friend, Jackie.  She's the one that turned me on to the work of Van Gogh.  I like the way she and her husband are displaying the painting.  If you read my previous blog, "Selecting and Displaying Art", you will know that this is my favorite way of showcasing your art collection - a wall full of what you love.  People can look at the wall and learn so much about the owner.
     I met Jackie in college.  She was the roaming photographer on campus - friendly and adventurous.   Circumstances brought us together eventhough we were never in the same class nor were we roommates.  We managed to stay in touch through the different stages of our lifes and remain friends for thirty plus years.  I am glad that I am able to give something to her that expresses how dear her friendship is to me.
     This one is from his quite popular "The Poet's Garden, Arles" series.  Van Gogh painted four in this series and this is known as III.   I followed pretty much every brushstroke of the painting.  Even the colors are very close to the image in the book.  I will, however, never know how closed I got to the original.  I was hoping I could see the real thing in a museum but upon research, this one is in a private collection.  The original is listed as 28 x 36 inches.  Jackie's version is smaller, aprx. 16 x 20.   I know Jackie values her personal Van Gogh, and I am so pleased that it is in her "private collection."