Thursday, February 11, 2010

"Spring Once Again Soon" - #34

Every year about this time, we have braved through most of what seems like another endless winter.  Cabin fever sets in.   Some surmise optimistically that only a few weeks of cold weather remain.  While others justify the cold days with the hopeful thought that at least each passing day stays brighter later.  No matter what method of choice you chose to get to the finish line, the icy chill continues to wear us down both physically and spiritually.  To refuel, I daydream about spring.  I plan my yard projects.  Each and every year, the first thing on my list in welcoming spring is to fill two window boxes with flowers for the garden shed.

I am an impatient gardener.  As soon as pansies are available at the local garden stores, I am there.  I haven't decided, however, whether I buy them every year because I truly like pansies or because they are usually the first flowers available each season.  I like lots of different colors and I mix them in each pot.  I often wonder why there aren't any red or pink pansies.  Maybe the botanists and growers will surprise me one day.

Once these boxes are up, there will be no guessing that spring, once again, is here.