Sunday, February 28, 2010

Selecting and Displaying Art

There is no science to choosing a painting. When you find something that brightens your day, or makes you happy, or speaks to you, you simply want it nearby. You find a home for it in your own home.

Some art work has the ability to draw you in while others may carry you far away. It is not true that we haven’t achieved time travel. Some paintings are time machine. I can stand in front of a painting and be transported through time and space. It can carry you to a great distance at a glance.

My favorite way to display art is a wall full of frames – all different sizes. They are hung randomly without first being measured. The wall gives you a very interesting background to explore as your eyes hop from one image to another.

I remember going to an outdoor art festival once. There must have been over a hundred artists exhibiting. I visited each and every booth looking for something I had yet to know what it is. It turned out to be a small 4 X 6 oil painting of an outdoor cafĂ© in Paris. I think because I painstakingly seek it out as opposed to buying on impulse, it remains one of my favorites today. I knew it would be the moment I took it off the hook and said to it, “You are coming home with me”.