Thursday, January 21, 2010

Stone Mansion in Provence - #5

     Having my blog has brought me back to visit some of the paintings that I have given away years ago.  This time I traveled to my friend Karen's workplace. Painted in 2002, this was painting number 5.
     In 2002, Karen wanted a painting for her office.  She had just returned from a family trip to Provence and its vineyards.  She told me she loved the rustic landscape and the stone architecture.  Everything is old but solid.  The villages “aged” like robust red wine.  I looked through a book of photos from France and found one I think she would like as a painting.
     Revisiting some of my earlier work is a fun experience.  When I saw it, I didn't even remember having painted it.  I did remember, however, that to personalize it for Karen, I changed the house number to reflect her actual - 52.
     With our busy schedules, we don't get to see much of each other these days. But my painting keeps her company at her hectic job.  She has the painting for eight years now and it has traveled with her from office to office.  It has always sat on a stand by a window.  Why by a window?  Karen said she accidentally discovered one sunny day that the light from outside came through the sky of the painting and brought it to life.  Wow.  Very cool.  It faithfully sits by the window waiting to come alive.