Monday, January 11, 2010

"Susan's Home in Maine" - #16

Being in the middle of winter, Maine may be covered in snow and ice right now.   But I thought it would be nice to look at a painting that reminds us of spring in Maine's picturesque waterfront.

     At one point in time, I recall my girlfriend Susan had dreams of moving to coastal Maine.  She and her husband would buy a historical Victorian and turn it into a bed and breakfast when they retire from their "city jobs."   They would make great innkeepers - both are well-read,  interesting and very hospitable.   (Although I never had it, I heard she makes a great Apple Crisp that would be a great B&B menu item as well!)  That was years ago.  I don't think they are leaning toward that plan anymore.  But they still love Maine and continue to visit and vacation there every year.  
     One magical thing I find I can do is that I can grant my friends' wishes via paintings.  So for one of Susan's milestone birthdays, I painted "Susan's Home in Maine" for her.  It was inspired by one of Paul Landry's paintings.  It hangs in the studies of her Connecticut home.
     I hope no matter what season it is, she is reminded of the happy memories of their many Maine vacations and that all dreams, may still come true.