Thursday, December 24, 2009

"Sun Sets For A New Day" - #30

     This was painted as a "special" request.  Special because Stacey and Ashley are big supporters of my paintings and Ashley, is a promising artist at age 10.  I asked them to give me an idea of what they would like in a painting.  Stacey emailed me two photographs, both of beautiful sunsets and told me her preference.  I was so inspired by that photo that I got to work right away.
     My enthusiasm was faced immediately with "how do I paint life-like clouds"?  It was indeed a challenge for me.   I "erased with paint" on the sky about three times.  I asked my husband for his critique.  He said the clouds were too heavy and not enough contrast in the sky.  After more experimentation, the paint got too thick that I had to start with a new canvas.   Cognizant of the need to be light, I started to use less paint and blended more.  The result, fluffier puffs of blue and shades of purple, blue, and white for the sky.

Lessons Learned and Hindsight - Since I painted this painting, I learned to look upward.   I don't think I would look at the clouds and sunsets ever the same again.  There will be much analyzing of the clouds and light and admiration of the beauty.   I am proud of myself for struggling through this painting.  The kicker is that no matter how purposefully one tries, mother nature's random and unintended brushstrokes will always produce a far more superior and original work of art.