Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Road in St-Remy

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     The paint on this isn't even dry yet.  But I thought I would play around with a slide show presentation.  I saw this painting in a small art book, "The Life and Works of Vincent Van Gogh" by Janice Anderson.  Van Gogh painted this in 1889.  Not a good year for him.  It was after his mental breakdown.  Like many of his work in this period, his brushstrokes are heavy, abrupt and almost angry.  Poor fella, if only he had meds of our time.
     In the original, it is difficult to see the houses in the distance.  The colors are so busy.  More difficult to see is the lady with her shopping basket making her way down the stone steps, maybe on her daily trek to the market.  I tried my best to follow the details.  I did, however, added something.  I gave the lady a hat.  I just thought she was missing something.  Maybe Van Gogh forgot.  He had more things to worry about living in an asylum.
     Lessons Learned and Hindsight - Know when to stop.  The last picture in the slideshow is labeled "I think I am done".  That's because I said exactly that to myself.  I can go on and on, add a stroke here and there.  You can get carried away with a scene such as this one.   I sign, date, and label on the back of the canvas once I am done and that's it.  All brushes down.