Monday, November 23, 2009

My First Picture - "Orange Chair"

As they say, the first is always special. May it be a baby, a car or a kiss. Well, my first painting is special too.

Years ago, I was single, divorced, and looking for something new to do. I had a week off from work and said to myself, "I am going to try oil painting." I bought some brushes, a small oil paint kit, and a small canvas from Michael's. I figured I need a space to paint. I turned a closet into "my studio". I had a white table and I put it in that space. Hung some shelves and sat down to paint. As I stared at my blank canvas, I looked around the rest of the room. A few weeks ago, I had picked up an old arm chair which I attempted to reupholster. It was finished to the best of my abilities and was sitting in the room. That became my inspiration because I thought the fabric I chose was so cheerful and I was proud of my "rescue". I imagined it in a much grander room with French doors. Always wanted French doors! Then one of my cats, Smokie came into the room and laid near the chair. So I put her in the painting too.

Lessons Learned and Hindsight - The little picture didn't mean much to me then. But looking at it now, I took my first step into challenging myself at something totally unknown to me. Smokie looks flat like a pancake laying on the painted rug! I haven't learned to paint with perspective!! But I am glad she came into the room and that I added her to the painting. Smokie has since passed away and it was sweet to have her as my first model. And those French doors - if you want something bad enough, you will have them. There are French doors in our small home now. (Our because I am remarried now.) The room isn't grander - just prettier.

I numbered the painting #1 and named it "Orange Chair in My Room". For those starting to paint, sign your work and date it. Also, number your work and give it a title. It makes it more interesting to look back. Also, anything can be an inspiration to you. Just look around!