Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"Watching Over Them"

   On April 15th, 2010, a co-worker died very suddenly at work from a heart attack.  Minutes earlier, he was at the blood drive donating blood.  Within half an hour, he passed out and was gone.  He left a wife and a little boy whom he talked about often and much.  You could tell he was one of those guys that never grew up and was not complete till he had this little boy.  Not having children of my own, I can't say I know and understand the love of being a parent.  But reflecting on his sudden death, I somehow knew that Matt would want nothing more than to be able to continue to keep his boy happy and safe.

   Around that time, my manager's milestone birthday was coming up.  She has three lovely kids.  I painted a very small painting for her which I named, "Watching Over Them".  While the children run and play, hand in hand in a field of flowers, two birds swirl over head, guiding and watching over them.  I told her how I came up with this picture.  She understood right away.